"Dear Staff and Volunteers,

I would like to take the time to thank you for your generosity and kindness to start such a magnificent organization. The Children’s Book Bank is a great place to sit back and read a book or to be creative and draw. Whenever I walk into the Book Bank, no matter how bad a day I had, I feel like I’ve walked into an oasis where I can relax and enter a whole new world of books. I also have two sisters who get super excited when my parents mention that we are going to the Book Bank. The Book Bank has a large variety of books that are useful and enjoyable. I’m very thankful to find really helpful dictionaries and on the other hand, some awesome novels that I’ve been dying to have a copy of. So that you again."

- Lewis

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Kid on books.png

"The Book Bank is like a wonderland made out of books. It’s filed with nice people to help you find the books you like when you don’t know a book to choose. It is a beautiful place inside filled with decorations which relate to books. Also there are donators [sic] who donate the books to the Book Bank so children ages 1 to 12 can learn about the world. The Book Bank is the best place to learn and enjoy and get smart."

- A young Book Bank visitor

" I find the Book Bank useful in many ways. Now I have my own library which I am really proud of. Without the help of the Book Bank, I can’t even imagine that. I got many good books what helped me increase my performance at school. I am also please to own many of my favourite storybooks. I have also participated actively in many contests. It has been a great experience for me.

I would like to tell you that the idea of the Book Bank is great. I also would like to thank the founder for creating the Book Bank and to thank the friendly and helpful staff. When I grow up, I would like to make a Book Bank too. I would like to thank you for all that you have done for me and other kids and I hope this will continue forever. "

- Saheel

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Dave, I would like to thank you for the lovely books I received from you the other day. We are giving out the books to the families who use our services, and I will use some in my Circle.


I really appreciate your kindness.

Nahanni Araujo

Aboriginal EarlyON Worker

I want to thank you for the wonderful book donation. A much needed donation for Malvern. Thanks again.

Anusha Narendran,
Children’s Programs
and Services Manager,
EarlyON Child and Family Centrre

I want to again thank you and the Children's Book Bank for the generous donation of books. Since Friday, we delivered over 75 backpacks to the children we serve and for the first time, with this donation, we were able to include story books.

Derek Reid
Executive Director of Operations,
F.E.A.T. for Children of Incarcerated Parents

Thank you so much for this book donation. This is incredibly generous and absolutely something our school community needs. December, as you can imagine, is a wildly busy time and due to our high-need population, staff and volunteers are busy preparing food boxes and gifts for our families. 

Alison McKendry

Grade 3/4 Teacher

Maple Leaf P.S.

Just wanted to thank you for the support you have given Syme Woolner with the children’s books.  We have been distributing these via our food bank, so that all families who come for a food hamper also receives a few books.


I also want to wish you and all the amazing folks at the Children’s Book Bank for your hard work through this very tough year.  I wish you and your family good health and Peace for the holidays and for a more hopeful New Year.

Sharmini Fernando

Executive Director

Syme Woolner Neighbourhood and Family Centre

Hi Dave,

It was so great meeting you this afternoon, thank you for your wonderful support. We will distribute these books to our newcomer children. Keep children reading is helping children learn and feel safe during the coronavirus pandemic, your are doing such a meaningful job!

Tracy Yu,

Settlement Team Lead,
Newcomers' Centre Agincourt Community Services Association Dorset Park Community Hub