Our very special thanks go out to
our major 2016 funders:

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Andrew Chisholm & Laurie Thomson Fund

Betty Averbach Family Foundation

Peter Gilgan Foundation


We also want to recognize
this year’s contributions from:

E.W. Bickle Foundation

Margaret & Gordon Fleming Foundation

Conn Smythe Foundation

John & Jocelyn Barford Family Foundation

The Hyclan Foundation

Alister & Jennifer Murray Foundation

John & Marian Taylor Family Foundation

Peter & Catherine Clark Family Foundation

Mariano Elia Foundation

Jon & Nancy Love Foundation

MacDonald Griffin Foundation

The Hopscotch Foundation

Margaret & Gordon Fleming Foundation

BLG Foundation

Sharp Foundation

Tony & Caley Taylor Family Fund

Cadillac Fairview Corporation Ltd


And thank you to everyone who made
a financial or book donation to
The Children’s Book Bank in 2016.

Click the link to see our latest financial statements: Financial Statements 2015