In the News

In the News

Print, Television and Radio, Book Bank Boosts Babes’ Brains and Seeks Donations from Community Members in Order to Continue its Work,  Apr 16 2016

Post City Magazine, NHLer Donates Books for Families, Mar 1, 2016, A Good Book Drive Gets Donations from Toronto Mayor, Strombo, Erica Ehm, More, Feb 21, 2016

Newstalk 1010, The Pay Chen Show, Feb 20, 2016

CityNews, Eric Lindros Donates Books for Toronto Kids, Feb 15, 2016

Indie88, Indie88 Announcers Share Favourite Kids Reads For A Good Book Drive, Feb 12, 2016

CTV News, ‘Book Bank’ Offering Free Books to Children in Need, Feb 9, 2016

Inside Toronto, Children’s Book Bank Holds Drive to Stock it’s Shelves of Kids’ Stories, Feb 9, 2016

Global News, Making a Difference with Susan Hay, Toronto Store Provides Free Books for Children in Low-Income Neighbourhoods, Jan 4, 2016

Inside Toronto, Little India Mother and Daughter Host Book Drive for Children’s Book Bank, Dec 4 2014

Newstalk 1010, The Pay Chen Show, September 28 2014

Asahi Shimbun Newspaper, IBBY Asahi Reading Promotional Award, September 13 2014

CBC Metro Morning with Matt Galloway, Free Books for Kids, March 27 2014

IBBY Bookbird, A Journal of International Children’s Literature, 52.4, 2014

Western Law Alumni Magazine, Turning a Page, 2013

SNAP Downtown Toronto, The Children’s Book Bank Celebrates 5 years!,  July 2013

Newstalk 1010 Radio with Gail Vaz-Oxlade, March 2013

Global News, Making a Difference with Susan Hay, Spring 2012

Global News, Making a Difference with Susan Hay, July 2011

Book Bank, Always Good News, CTS Television, 10 June 2011

Reader with a Cause, Today’s Parent Magazine, February 2011

The Changing Face of Giving, The Globe and Mail, 24 December 2012

Dreamers and Doers: Nurturing the Love of Reading, Toronto Star, 9 April 2010

Inspiration: Bookclub. Zoomer Magazine, 19 March 2009

Letting Kids Have a Reading Chance, The Globe and Mail, 13 December 2008

Bank is “magical place” for kids who love books, Toronto Star, 28 November 2008

CTV Evening News Piece, Fall 2008


Blog and Podcast Coverage


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The Children’s Book Bank of Toronto, Canada. Just One More Book, 22 December 2008. [podcast].

Toronto’s First Children’s Book Bank Turns Half., 27 November 2008

The Children’s Book Bank., 27 November 2008.

The Children’s Book Bank: Regent Park., 28 November 2008.

The Children’s Book Bank: Promoting a Love of Reading., 16 May 2008.

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