It’s Giving Tuesday!

Here are some pretty incredible facts about book ownership and how The Children’s Book Bank makes an impact every day.


It’s true, the more books there are in the home, the more likely children in that home are to stay in school longer.


Answer:  More than 150,000+ books
It’s hard to believe, we know.  This number includes all the ‘extras’ we gave away too.


Answer:  More than 120,000!!  This includes all those books given away at our storefront and in partnership with community organizations, including schools, throughout the city.


Reading books does foster the development of empathy AND a range of really essential social skills.


Answer: We welcomed an average of 200 visitors every day / 45,000+ total visits last year and it looks like we’ll have even more people through our door this year.


This is absolutely true.  It doesn’t matter where – Canada, Africa, or France – when literacy development is well funded, opportunities open up, and poverty is ultimately reduced.
The Evidence:


Visiting The Children’s Book Bank and having the chance to browse our shelves and take a book home to keep really does grow readers.
The Evidence:


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