The Children’s Book Bank is SO excited to be participating in this year’s AVIVA Community Fund competition.

The name of our proposed project…
Reading Across Toronto: The Traveling Book Bank

And it’s just what you think. We are looking to take The Children’s Book Bank on the road, to bring the experience of choosing and keeping a book, sharing stories and the joy of reading to neighborhood parks and community centres beyond our current reach. And you can help us make that happen by just a few clicks of your mouse.

Please help us our by voting HERE.

Each registered participant (register with your email or directly via Facebook) has 18 votes to use at any time between October 11 and October 28. Spread your votes around or use them all to support one project (maybe ours, hint hint). The 15 ideas that receive the most votes in each of the two funding levels (five from each idea category) including the top-ranked broker-supported idea will become finalists.