One of our long-time volunteers recommended our July Book of the Month, “Ivy + Bean,” to a special friend. Below is her review and heartfelt thank you to the CBB volunteer!

“I like the books because when I read it with my Dad I like Ivy and Bean being sneaky and Bean’s sister getting mad at her. They are funny. I like them being sneaky to Bean’s sister, Nancy, because Nancy is mean to Bean. I like the names of the characters, Ivy and Bean and Nancy. I like Ivy the most – she has blonde hair and she wears dresses just like me. Ivy and Bean met because Ivy moved into the neighbourhood and they started playing together when Bean’s mother convinced her to play with Ivy. I like that Ivy and Bean are good friends and they play together. The stories always have happy endings. Thank you very much for sending the book to me and thank you for telling my Grandma about these books. They are my favourite books and my Daddy likes them also.
Love, Taya (age 7)”