The Children’s Book Bank entered into a partnership with another Toronto charity, Literature for Life, in the fall of 2011, to run a early literacy session for young moms (18 years and younger) and their babies.  The partnership was a natural fit:  Literature for Life focuses on the reading skills of the mothers, while the Book Bank concentrates on their babies.

Each month, the Moms bring their babies to The Children’s Book Bank.  With the help of volunteers from the Book Bank, Literature for Life representatives and Dave Page, an Early Literacy Specialist with the Macaulay Child Development Centre, the babies and Moms participate in a circle time: there are songs and stories that demonstrate effective reading strategies to use at home.  The goal of the program is to start healthy reading habits early in life.  The Moms select books from the Book Bank for their babies during each visit and are encouraged to visit outside of the program, as well.

Global News’s Susan Hay returned to the Book Bank to film a feature for her show, Making a Difference, on the program.  Click here to watch it now and learn more about the partnership.